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Old Shelford Hall

These are photos of a model of Shelford Old Hall, in Little Shelford from the Cambridge Folk Museum. The hall was built in 1640 and demolished in 1852. Part of the north wing remains, known as the Lodge, which can be found at the junction of Whittlesford Road and Bridge Lane.
Old Shelford Hall was a Tudor development of a medieval hallhouse, modernised in the Georgian style by Thomas Wale on his return from Riga in the 1760s. The model made in the late 1840s shows U-shaped ranges enclosing an open courtyard; a sketch reproduced in F.L. Wales’ book gives an idea of the rambling and unpretentious charm of the buildings. With its six staircases, beamed and oak-panelled rooms and enormous Elizabethan fireplaces it seems to have been a commodious and comfortable house, lived in and loved by generations of Wales. It was however not grand, and it had to go. During 1850 the new resplendent Hall was arising in the Park and a few years later the old house was demolished, only a rump surviving on Bridge Lane to serve as an entrance Lodge.

 Photos courtesy of the Cambridge and County Folk Museum