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Little Shelford timeline

Date Event                                                                                                                                                                       
Little Shelford Church one of only three Ministers in Cambridgeshire recorded in the Doomsday book
Mill first recorded
Late 1300s Manor House first recorded
1500sHall Farm in High Street first existed on the existing site - the barn was added in the 16th century
1580 American pioneer Thomas Blossom born in Little Shelford
Thomas Wriothesley, 4th Earl of Southampton born in Little Shelford. He was a witness to the execution of Charles 1 and became the Lord High Treasurer as well as giving his name to Southampton Row in London. 
Wooden bridge between Little and Great Shelford replaced by stone bridge
1640 William Alabaster dies in Little Shelford
1739 Wale Memorial built on Maggot's Mount off Newton Road
1750 Current Manor House, designed by Inigo Jones, built
1759 John Wesley preaches in Little Shelford
Thomas Babbington Macaulay, who went on to become Paymaster General and Secretary at War, studies in Little Shelford at what is now known as the Lodge
Village Chapel built
1850 New Shelford Hall built and most of the Old Hall demolished - the Lodge is all that remains of the hall
1841  Cambridge to King's Cross railway line opens on village boundary
1871 Toll for travellers using Whittlesford Road ends
Lawrence Johnston, who went on to design Hidcote Gardens, studies at Kirby Lodge in Little Shelford. 
Former England football captain Arthun Dunn buried at All Saints in Little Shelford
1911 30 mph speed limit first introduced in the village
1915 Troops carry out manouevres on Wale Recreation Ground
1916 West End brewery in Hauxton Road closes
First village hall opens
Fanny Wale book A Record of Shelford Parva completed
1929 Fire destroys Shelford Hall
19?? Post office closes
1974 Bakery closes
1974 M11 opens on Little Shelford boundary
Courtyards development built
James Meade wins the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences
Walkers Shop closes
Sports pavilion opened