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All Saints Church brass mystery

Is this a brass rubbing of a missing 1480 brass from All Saints Church in Little Shelford?

The rubbing was put on sale on Ebay in December 2019 for $100. The seller is from the USA.

"This must be the missing brass that is somewhere under the choir stalls or centre of the nave," said village historian David Jones.

"I've never been able to track it down but it is mentioned in the Victorian guide to South Cambridgeshire."

Villager Penny Saich said: "I remember from my chorister days a brass rubbing between the choir stalls. I believe it was used quite often by visitors."

"I think the brass was covered up when the pink fitted carpet went down - donated by members of the Church family who lived in Church Street."

A magazine about All Saints Church discovered by Nick and Bri Lury in 2020 states; "1445 - John Cate, Rector, died, commemorated by a Brass in the Chancel aisle"

"We know there is a Brass in the Chancel Aisle but it has not been seen for some years since the floor was refurbished covered and carpeted," said David Jones. "So, it is in there but hidden beneath floorboards and now we know its John Cate.  (Marked as number 10 on the drawing below)

"The Ebay listing stated the rubbing was made in 1965 by William Wilkie. The rubbing measures 54 inches by 30 inches."