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First World War manoeuvres in Little Shelford

First World War army manoeuvres in Little Shelford have been included in a book published in May 2018 called "Futile Exercise?"

The book by teacher Simon Batten looks at the 1912 Army Manoeuvres and the extent to which they helped the British Army to prepare for the coming war.

The Little Shelford manoeuvres were mentioned in the book written shortly after the First World War by Fanny Wale called A Record of Shelford ParvaIt was the first dedicated history book of Little Shelford. 

The new book concentrates on three sets of manoeuvres, 1904 (Clacton), 1912 (Cambs/Suffolk), 1913 (Northants/Bucks), and look at what was learnt from foreign manoeuvres and wars in the period, before examining events in August and September 1914 to assess how much all of this did to prepare the BEF for the challenges it faced. 

"Futile Exercise?" by Simon Batten is published by Helion Books.