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Little Shelford history stories

Mike Petty's historical stories and old newspaper cuttings about Little Shelford
A vicar was held up by two armed highway robbers on Whittlesford Road in 1777.

The Manor House was almost burgled by thieves who arrived hidden in a coffin.

The widower who, in 1767, remarried while his wife still lay dead in his bed at home.

Little Shelford Hall was destroyed by fire on February 24 1929.

The Rolls Royce used to pull a plough

The present Manor House was built c1746;
Tom Bacon who created the fuel cell for the Apollo 11 moon rocket at his home in Little Shelford.

Arthur Dunn was one of the last amateurs to captain the England football team.

Edward Maitland, from Little Shelford,  was on the first airship flight (above) across the Atlantic in 1919.

Sid Dockerill won the DCM (distinguished conduct medal) twice during World War 1 for leading a bayonet charge on The Somme.

The grave of a Little Shelford soldier has become a shrine in India.

The Falklands family stranded in Little Shelford in World War 1

Douglas Bader who lived in Little Shelford during part of World war Two.

Thomas Blossom, who was one of the founding fathers of America, was born in Little Shelford in 1580.

James Meade was the winner of the 1977 Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences with a Swedish economist for their "contribution to the theory of international trade and international capital movements."