Highway robbery in Little Shelford

The Ipswich Journal

Nov 1st 1777

On Saturday night, about 6 o’clock, the Rev. Mr Fisher of Duxford in Cambridgeshire, on his return from Cambridge, was stopped on the road between Little Shelford and Whittlesford by two highwaymen who robbed him of 3 guineas and quantity of silver

They were seen to follow Mr Fisher from this die (of) Trompington and soon after he passed through Shelford turnpike (in Whittlesford Road), one of them enquired of the keeper of the toll gate whose carriage it was that had just gone by, and immediately followed, when one of them with imprecations stopped the driver, while the other rode up to the chaise door, and tapped at the window, which being let down, he held a pistol to Mr Fisher’s breast and commanded him instantly to deliver his money or hew was a dead man which was complied with; he then demanded his pocket book, which Mr Fisher told him contained only some private memorandums; his companion at that instant opening the opposite door and leaning his body into the carriage;, with a large horse pistol in his hand, the pocket book was then delivered which they promised to return if it contained nothing of value.