The Rolls Royce used as a plough

Source: A Record of the Shelford Magna and Parva in Cambridgeshire by Fanny Wale in 1917

"Old Carter was gardener at the Manor House for many years in Miss Mary Walton’s time and old Godfrey worked with him 

"The Carters lived in Lime Cottage, and their son Albert married Elisa Agnes Watts and lived in High Street, near to Col Wood to whom he was chauffeur and valet.

"He was a very clever young man and during the great war with Germany he was employed at Cambridge railway station to help lift the wounded soldiers out of the trains into the motor cars which conveyed them to the Great Eastern Hospital at the back of the colleges where there were numbers of trained nurses waiting for them in a great number of  iron and asbestos huts in a grass field. Anyone having a private motor car lent it for this work. It was fortunate that every young woman had taken Lord Robert’s warning and learned nursing and many other useful employments which had always been considered only fit for men. And were henceforth allowed to have votes."

  • When Col Wood died, he left his grand car to his chauffeur Albert Carter. A photo below shows Albert using the car to pull a plough.