Little Shelford and World War One

This page brings together people from Little Shelford and their links with the Great War.

Little Shelford War hero Sid Dockerill

Ernest Meadows who died in the Battle of Arras on 23rd April 1917.

Major Vernon de Butts Powell who was awarded an MC for his bravery in the Battle of the Somme

Beris Burton-Fanning, a nurse who was burnt to death during the First World War

William Gall photographed in World War One

Other World War One stories and newspaper cuttings

World War One manoeuvres in Little Shelford.

Roll of Honour (All Saints Church, Little Shelford)
Roll of Honour (The Chapel, Little Shelford)

All Saints memorials

Five people who are included in the 1911 Census were to die shortly afterwards in World War 1. They were Richard Arthur Carter, Walter Ernest Darley, Frederick Pearl, Sydney Charles Pearl and William Frederick Taylor. 

All Saints Church WW1 memorial service programme

Little Shelford's bier, commemorating World War One

Hilda Bagnell and her recollections of World War One

The Little Shelford Memorial Hall was built in 1925 in memory of the men in the village who died in World War One