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Ernest Meadows

At 3pm On April 23 2017, a 1/4 peal was rung by the bell ringers at All Saints Church in Little Shelford. This was to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the death of villager Ernest Edward Meadows in the Battle of Arras on 23rd April 1917.

His parents who were at the time running and living in Rectory Farm (Formerly Glebe Farm) opposite Sainfoins House on the Whittlesford Road.

They chose to leave a legacy to to Church in memory of Ernest Meadows which for 100 years has helped to fund the maintenance and care of the Village Church Yard.

He also has a prominent memorial stone in the Church which demonstrates how much his loss meant to the family.

The family are also mentioned in the Fanny Wale book on page 15 when talking about Sainsfoins.

David Jones