Photos of Little Shelford groups and things

Little Shelford WI Mrs Hodgekinson, Rowe Jennings, Joyce walker, Mrs Hudson, Molly Marhs, Betty Kennedy, Mary ?
Little Shelford pub (?) outing with Grandad Cage and Sam Marsh
Little Shelford pub (?) outing (Chum Daniels, George Townsend (landlord) Sam Marsh, Mr Boast, Frank Townsend Little Shelford Sunday School L to R Joan Pattern, Jill Andrews
Sunday School with Rev Sibson and Miss Cracknell in front of him
Little Shelford Cricket Club fancy dress Richard Nunn, Mrs Hudson, Fred Game, Arnold Parker, Mrs Flack, Betty Marsh, Mrs Wagstaff, Mrs Nunn, Mrs Jennings, Mrs Hurst, Beatie Nunn, Joyce Walker, S Nunn, Bob Pearl, Margaret Pearl, Mrs Scott, Mrs Moore, Mr and Mrs Want
Little Shelford Youth Club
Bell ringers at All Saints ChurchLittle Shelford Youth Club
Little Shelford Cricket Club 
Sunday School party
Little Shelford Sunday school party
Little Shelford choir

 Little Shelford choir



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