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William Reginald Gall (back right)
May and Joan Whybro
William Dennison Gall

From left, Alice Louisa Gall, Bertrand Gall and William Reginald Gall circa 1884
Reginald Dennison Gall circa 1916
Bertrand Victor Gall & 'Chum' outside Ferndale, now called Rutland house

From left, Bertrand Victor Gall, Reginald Dennison Gall holding Dennison Edgar Gall, Bertrand Gall & William Dennison Gall

From left. Rita Gall, Reginald Dennison Gall and Bertrand Gall
People not known
Person not known
Courtesy National Trust
Edward Moore at the Plough pub, now known as the 
Navigator around 1911

People not known

Person not known

Person not known
Person not known

James Meade presenting the village with the enclosures map after winning the 

Nobel Prize.

 Left to right: Group Captain John Altham (Chairman Parish Council), 

James Meade, Ray Saich (Chairman Trustees Memorial Hall)

Fanny Wale, writer of the first history book about Little Shelford.

Henry Howard bp 9.3.1791 St.Andrew Grt, bur 15.6.1795 Little Shelford Church

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